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Example of a DEXA scan
Pictured: DEXA scan examples

Our comprehensive sports science services include individual sports nutrition support and comprehensive body composition analysis. These services optimize your athletic performance, improve overall health, and support your specific goals. We provide individualized nutrition planning and guidance tailored to your unique needs and objectives. 

Our body composition analysis uses Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) which is the most accurate method for body composition analysis. A DEXA test measures your unique body composition and helps determine your personal caloric requirements. It provides an accurate assessment of your body composition and helps you and your care team to better plan and evaluate your nutrition and training progress.

Our sports science services are provided by performance nutritionist Alan Kenny.

A referral from a physician is not required to receive an appointment with our sports nutrition services.


Our body composition analysis uses DEXA, which is the most accurate method for body composition analysis based on a three-compartment model that measures bone mineral content, fat mass and fat-free mass. A DEXA scan can provide valuable information about your body composition and bone density, and inform nutrition choices based on your resting metabolic rate. In addition, the DEXA provides regional body fat results for the arms, legs, waist and hips, and can also do a reading for abdominal, or visceral fat. Visceral fat has been linked to metabolic disturbances, increased risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Please note that DEXA scans do subject you to small amounts of radiation. A whole-body scan produces a level of radiation equivalent to flying by airplane from Vancouver to Toronto.


We will conduct a consultation where we assess your current eating patterns, discuss your exercise schedule and establish your specific nutrition goals. A personalized performance nutrition plan will be developed which can include the following:

  • Performance nutrition (recreational and competitive athletes)
  • Body composition changes (fat loss, muscle building)
  • Training diet, competition nutrition (pre, post, during event)
  • Performance and health supplementation
  • Detailed dietary analysis 
  • Recovery optimisation 
  • Short- and long-term nutrition planning
  • Teenage athlete development, if applicable
  • Hydration
  • General health conditions – obesity, metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, dyslipidemia, etc.
  • Performance nutrition behaviours advice – cooking, grocery shopping, etc.

Service Fees

Nutrition – initial consultation (60 mins) – $175
DEXA scan only (30 mins) – $200
Nutrition follow-up consultation (45 mins) – $125 

Exclusive offer: DEXA scan and nutrition consultation (60 mins) – $250 (30%+ discount)

Contact us for special group discount rates.

Performance Nutritionist

Alan Kenny, BA, MSc

Portrait of Alan Kenny

Alan Kenny is a performance nutritionist with over 10 years of experience supporting teams, athletes and individuals to optimize their health and performance. He has worked with professional athletes across a wide range of sports in Europe and North America such as the NFL, MLB, Soccer, Rugby and Golf. Alan was Head of Science & Education EMEA for Glanbia Performance Nutrition, delivering global nutrition education and product innovation programmes across the business. He has also delivered corporate wellness programs at large corporations such as Google, Microsoft and Fitbit and has lectured in Exercise Nutrition Science at University College Dublin, Ireland. 


Waterford IT, Ireland, BA, Exercise Science

University of Chester, UK, MSc, Exercise Nutrition Science