How does the change from Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic to UBC Sport and Exercise Medicine clinic affect me?

All services and access for current patients at the Clinic will remain the same, including existing and new appointments. We will provide the same standard of high-quality care and concern to our valued patients.

The clinic now includes patients from diverse backgrounds who require personalized prescriptions to become active and healthy, while continuing to advance the treatment and rehabilitation of athletes at all levels of competition including varsity, national and international levels. This change supports our community in servicing their needs while maintaining an academic focus on research and education.

How do I make an appointment?

A referral from a physician is required to obtain an appointment to see a Primary Care Sport Medicine physician.  Once we receive your referral, we will book you in as soon as possible and notify your referring physician.  Your referring physician will contact you with the appointment date and time.

Appointments to see an IMS Physiotherapist can be made by phoning us:  604 822 3614.  For health insurance purposes, a referral may be required by your physician.

Appointments to see a physiotherapist can be made by contacting: 604 822 6833.  (For further details, please visit the Allan McGavin Physiotherapy website.)

Effective November 20, 2023 the clinic does not accept cash payments. All payments must be through credit, debit or cheque. If this is a concern for any reason please let us know and we would be happy to arrange a solution for you with the senior clinic manager.

What can I do to prepare for an appointment at the clinic?

  • Before the first consultation for your injury, please complete the Patient Intake Form sent via email as thoroughly as possible before your appointment date.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Mask or face covering is encouraged but optional for everyone’s safety.
  • Please bring shorts to change into for a lower extremity(including hips, low back) and tank top/sports bra for an upper extremity.
  • Please plan to arrive at 2553 Wesbrook Mall in the Chan Gunn Pavilion (next to the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Arena). Patient drop-off is directly in front of the building.
  • Pay parking is across the street or in the Thunderbird Parkade at 6085 Thunderbird Blvd.
  • Please check in with a Medical Office Assistant(MOA) upon arrival.
  • Please keep your healthcare card, family physician name, and lab reports ready, if any.
  • Clinic office phone hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm (lunch break from 12:00pm to 1:00pm).
  • Two business days’ notice is required for appointment modifications or cancellations. If less than 2 days notice is given, a fee of $75 for a consultation or $40 for a follow up will be charged.
  • The physicians and/or surgeons working in the office and/or clinic are licensed and registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. Verify their credentials through the registrant directory at www.cpsbc.ca.
  • Please see here for a list of injections and fees administered at the clinic.

Do I have to pay for services?

If you have valid MSP coverage and an active referral, there is no charge for a standard visit with a physician at our clinic. There may be a fee associated with your visit if you are: receiving an ultrasound, procedure or injection, or if you are an out of province resident /do not have valid MSP insurance. If you have questions regarding the cost of your visit, please call our front desk team two business days prior to your appointment and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Charges apply for paramedical services such as: Gunn IMS, and to see a physiotherapist. Please call your extended medical insurer to understand what your plan covers. Our team cannot advise on what your extended medical coverage includes as plans vary by individual.

What should I wear for my appointment?

If your injury is on your upper body, please wear a tank top.  If your injury is on your lower body (including hips, low back), please bring shorts to change into.

How do I get to the clinic / where can I park?

Parking is located directly at the Thunderbird Parkade see https://sportsmedicine.med.ubc.ca/contact-us/

Parking is managed by parties external from the UBC Sport And Exercise Medicine Clinic. We cannot take any liability for parking related concerns.

How is my information privacy protected in a research facility?

Your patient information is securely protected as a private sports medicine clinic here at UBC. While you have the option to join research studies as part of an adjacent research lab from our academic physicians as well as the school of Kinesiology at the onset of your consent form, your medical & clinical information is completely confidential and secure throughout your patient experience. For CareConnect and Pharmanet providers: our primary care sports medicine clinic is a private clinic with adjacent but separate research opportunities as part of our team-based care goal.

How was the Chan Gunn Pavilion built for sustainability?

Check out some of the history and information around the Chan Gunn Pavilion, built in 2017, at the link here.