Conferences & Seminars

“Clinical Updates in Sport & Exercise Medicine”

Originally titled “Case Studies in Sport Medicine”, The Allan McGavin Sport Medicine Clinic has hosted a conference for over 20 years highlighting the latest advances in Clinical Sport & Exercise Medicine.  The program is CME-CPD accredited and provides timely and clinically relevant updates on selected topics in Sport Medicine.   The program generally follows a format of morning plenary session and afternoon separate tracks for physicians and therapists.

Who Should Attend?

  • Family Practice physicians,
  • Physiotherapists,
  • Occupational Therapists,
  • Chiropractors,
  • Rehabilitation Specialists,
  • Residents and Students.

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“Intramuscular Stimulation:  An Effective Treatment for Musculoskeletal Pain Syndromes & Neuropathic Dysfunction”

This course is offered in two-parts; Part 1 is a four-day course, and Part 2 is a three-day practical course focusing on problem solving with case studies and discussion.  The format for the course includes lectures, demonstrations, group practical sessions, written and practical examinations on anatomy and theory of IMS.  Part 2 of the course should be completed three to six months (but no longer than one year) after completing Part 1.

The course is for practitioners wishing to treat musculoskeletal radiculopathic pain in a neuropathic model.  Upon successful completion, participants will be able to practice a comprehensive system of diagnosis and treatment of neuropathic myofascial pain syndromes.

More information on Gunn IMS.

Who Should Attend?

  • Physicians,
  • Physiotherapists

Next Course Date(s):

Part 1 (Vancouver): November 23, 24, 25, 26, 2017
Part 2 (Vancouver): September 29, 30 and October 1, 2017

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