2020 Gunn Lecture


The 2020 Annual UBC Chan Gunn Lecture will be held Thursday October 22,2020; 5:00- 6:00PM(PT)

Speakers: Cory Choma, Quin Sekulich, Neville Wright

Each year, distinguished scholars/clinicians are invited to speak at the UBC Chan Gunn Annual Lecture about issues related to IMS and neuropathic pain. This lecture is held in honour of Dr. Chan Gunn and his generous contributions.

Our topic will be: The Elite Athlete, their Support Team and Gunn IMS, presented by the unique team of athlete, coach and clinician.

For background video lectures on the neuropathic model and NevilleWright’s IMS treatment with Cory Choma, please visit: https://www.gunnims.com/2020gunnlecture.html

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