Program Details

The program is made up of 13 blocks.  Each block/rotation is four weeks in duration.  The program is flexible with the learner provided assistance in setting up and scheduling each block.

The following environments structure the learning opportunities:

  • 2 days per week at Allan McGavin Sport Medicine Clinic,
  • 2.5 days in focused rotations in different areas (as outlined below),
  • Half day (per week) at UBC Student Health,
  • Weekly plenary teaching sessions with faculty.

Fellows are expected to participate in one of our ongoing research projects or identify a project of his/her own within the first month of the fellowship.

Multiple opportunities exist to participate in event coverage and the Resident is expected to participate in as many as possible keeping in mind the following objectives:

  • To be able to organize the components of event coverage including early communication and organization with stakeholders, the creation and adherence to a site-specific Emergency Action Plan,
  • To be familiar with challenges of provision of medical care in the field,
  • To be able to assess, diagnose and manage acute medical conditions and traumatic injuries in the field.

Residents are entitled to 20 days of vacation.

Core Rotations

Orthopaedics (2 blocks)

  • To gain proficiency in the peripheral limb orthopedic history and physical examination for accurate diagnostic yield,
  • To enhance the understanding of tissue anatomy through physical examination and surgery,
  • To appreciate how imaging is used in orthopedics to improve diagnosis, assist management and surgical planning,
  • To understand indications for orthopedic surgical intervention in acute and chronic stages of disease or trauma including balancing risk/benefit.

Paediatrics & Paediatric Orthopaedics (1-1.5 blocks)

  • To be able to demonstrate an understanding of family dynamics in assessment of the child with Musculoskeletal conditions,
  • To be able to interpret and prescribe physical activity prescriptions for the overweight, underweight and normal weight child,
  • To describe the common stages of MSK growth and development and their concurrent potential pathological conditions.

Physiatry & Rehabilitation Medicine (1-1.5 blocks)

  • To be able to assess chronic pain patients and provide management strategies,
  • To be able to screen for opioid dependency risk and appropriately prescribe according to the national guidelines,
  • To be able to understand and interpret the need for EMG and Nerve Conduction testing,

Diagnostic Imaging (1.5 blocks)

Rheumatology (0.5-.75 blocks)

  • Ability to differentiate inflammatory and non-inflammatory conditions,
  • Ability to provide common joint and soft tissue injection and aspiration care,
  • Ability to identify and manage osteoporosis conditions in all ages,
  • Ability to triage and treat osteoarthritis in the mild, moderate and severe stages.

Exercise Medicine – Testing & Prescription (2 blocks)

  • To understand the concepts and to interpret exercise testing for sport and medical conditions,
  • To be able to provide a patient or athlete with an exercise prescription that is goal oriented,
  • To be able to generate specific dose-response exercise prescriptions for common chronic medical conditions and musculoskeletal conditions.

Interprofessional Care (0.75-1.0 block)

  • To identify the evidence-based rehabilitation interventions for patient care,
  • To develop relationships with the inter-professional staff and define their unique and shared roles,
  • To become aware of the role of the physician in Event Coverage including successful completion of the Sport Responder course and events.

Sport Psychology/Performance Enhancement (0.5-0.75 block)

  • To be able to perform a psychological screen for common mood disorders, substance abuse and eating disorder,
  • To be able to identify key triggers for performance anxiety and appropriately refer to psychological resources,
  • To demonstrate the key components of behavioral counseling.

Elective Rotations

  • Pain Clinic (1 block)
  • Spinal Surgery/Spine Service Clinics (1 block)
  • Sport Nutrition (0.5 – 1 block)
  • Dermatology (0.5 – 1 block)
  • Bracing & Casting (0.5 block)
  • Geriatrics (0.5 block)
  • Women’s health (1 block)